The Shelter Collection

Handblown Glassware + Wheel Thrown Ceramics

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A collection of handblown glassware and wheel thrown ceramics by The Commons expressing the intersection of elegant design and honest manufacturing. Click here to watch a video about our partnership with Starworks, made by our friends Artisanal Aperture

Our Story

The Shelter collection is our modern interpretation of the mud hut dwelling, the strongest architectural shape using the least amount of materials. Designed in South Carolina and produced in North Carolina, this is the only line of glassware manufactured exclusively in the South. Exquisite in its unexpected simplicity, the design evolved from the exploration of a simple domed shape combined with the desire to provide the best feeling and comfort for the user. No detail was left unexplored from the finish of the ceramic glaze, selecting one that perfectly warms the hand with tea but does not burn, to the shape and feel of the glass opening and weight. Made by hand, for your hand this series is both timeless and contemporary. The collection is designed to be passed down in your family, looking as beautiful on your table today as it will on the tables of generations to come.


A Single Source

The Commons has partnered with STARworks, a non-profit organization with the mission of economic growth through art and craft.  Star, NC lies in the geographical center of North Carolina.  From 1940, the majority of residents worked in the local hosiery factory until it closed its doors in 2001, leaving 1000 individuals unemployed.  With a population of only 800, the town of Star changed overnight.  The factory that had once been the source of life and activity stood abandoned until STARworks open The Center for Creative Enterprises on the 12 acre property.

Today the building houses a clay manufacturing operation which produces a variety of clay using locally harvested material and rain water collected from their 4 acre roof. Down the hall, the furnaces for the glass blowing facilities are constructed.  Local artisans, members of the Star community, shape each piece.  Only the glass is imported locally, still within a 100 mile radius.  The partnership with STARworks will help support a community working to rebuild through local design thus creating jobs and fueling future creative expression.