3/13/17 A Room Of One’s Own

2017-03-09 11.51.37 copy

Welcome to our new studio!

Home of the 11’ table that we designed for our first shop location, this Judd inspired table is now no longer for display, but it is where our work happens. If we have any Virginia Woolf fans out there…I consider this to be a massive version of A Room Of One’s Own.

“—a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” -Virginia Woolf

This is our room to run the business and come up with our new ideas, sketch, photograph…and write blog posts(instead of fiction)!

We will keep you posted on our studio musings, but please know a lot of Drake is played, a lot of coffee (then altoids) consumed, and insert the shrieking noise of packing tape dispensers getting our boxes ready to ship to you!