Artisanal Aperture Film

As some of you know, we make our in house line of glassware and ceramics (The Shelter Collection) with our partners at Starworks. This is a non-profit in Star, NC focused on rebuilding its towns economy through design and craft. We have piloted a program with them that brings our designs, and hopefully in the future other designer’s, work to life. The idea is to work together to scale up the production of craft. We are working towards creating an efficient and lucrative business model that will benefit the maker as well as the consumer. Providing handmade goods at a fair wage to the artist, and sold at a reasonable price representing the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into the product.

To help tell our story a Raleigh, NC based group called Artisanal Aperture have made a beautiful film sharing the story of our partnership with Starworks.

We will share images from behind the scenes of the film, as well as many beautiful shots taken by Artisanal Aperture throughout our site this month.

The film and a few of the images are below. Stay tuned for more of the story in future blog posts!