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Ramekin Set


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A hand thrown set of 3 ramekins that stack neatly on top of one another. All three have a stone colored glaze on the inside, with a sandy texture, earth toned natural clay on the outside. The bottom of each ramekin is stamped with our logo that represents our partnership with STARworks. All together they stack to 3 inches high, and from smallest to largest they measure approx. 3″ x 1″ 3.5″ x 1″, 4.25″ x 1″. Due to the handmade nature of each product, there will be slight variances in size. Perfect for anything from jewelry to paperclips, or nuts and olive pits.


The Commons
Designed in Charleston, SC
Made in Star, NC


The Shelter Collection ceramics are handmade in partnership with STARworks, NC, a non-profit working to revive the local economy through craft and design.  Operating out of a formally abandoned hosiery factory, the talented and dedicated team of ceramicist hand throw each piece using clay and glazes that have been harvested locally and processed in-house.  Each piece is an attempt by the artist to create the perfect shape, so slight variance exist within the work. The artists consider this a way to fine tune their skills through repetition. The finished wares express a moment in time and the hand of the individual artist.

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