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Blue Water Pitcher


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These hand blown domes are each unique in shape and texture. The surface is subtly ribbed with tooling marks that are created as the maker forms the curvature of the glass. The flat bottom provides a sturdy base for your hand or table and is stamped with our logo that represents our partnership with STARworks. The water pitcher can be used for water or wine, holding up to an 24 oz pour. Measuring approximately 3 1/4″ wide, 7 1/4″ tall.

The Commons
Designed in Charleston, SC
Made in Star, NC


The Shelter Collection glassware is handmade using native materials in partnership with STARworks, NC, a non-profit working to revive the local economy through craft and design.  Operating out of a formally abandoned hosiery factory, each piece is individually created by a group of talented and dedicated glassblowers.  The heat of the furnaces, the labor intensive process and the delicate dance that is involved in making each piece produces an entirely different glass experience than those which are made through automated production.  Indications of the hand tooling and finishing is evident in the subtle rings that circle the top edges and variances exist between each piece.  Greater variances can be seen in the signature color blocked collection as it is unknown how the two colors will react together until the making is complete.  Each glass a unique work of art expressing a moment in time.

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