All Roads Design

Los Angeles, CA

“All roads that you travel in life lead you to where you are now” is the mantra of All Roads Design by Janelle Pietrzak and Robert Dougherty. Janelle began her explorations as a textile artist after working in the fashion design industry sourcing fabrics for over 10 years. A collective of two, Janelle designs the elaborate and incredible weavings while Robert welds the steel arrows and metal components of the designs. Together, they combine wood, metal, fiber and reclaimed materials to create objects, site specific installations and custom furniture from their home and studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Favorite Artist
Alexander Calder. I am especially interested in the small run of shag carpets he designed based on his mobile shapes.

Favorite US destination
Joshua Tree, California

Favorite Book
You Are a Circle: A Visual Meditation for the Creative Mind by Guillaume Wolf. It is great to flip through and read a page here and there for inspiration.

Favorite Recipe
Kale smoothie – with pineapple, pear, parsley and ginger.

Favorite Weekend Activity
Hiking around our home in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Favorite Room in your Home
My studio, which is located in the sunroom in the back of our house.

New Artist or Author you have discovered
I just got The House Book by Terence Conran. This book is overflowing with inspiration. I like to look at interior design for inspiration for my weaving. Furniture gives great direction for materials and colors; for example the contrast of warm rattan or caning with smart chrome on a Cesca Chair. I want learn more about Marcel Breuer who created those chairs during the Bauhaus period. I also wish I could have seen the recent El Anatsui show at the Brooklyn Art Museum. ‬

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