Andrea Donnelly

Richmond, VA

Inspired by the world around her, Andrea has been weaving and reweaving cloth that feels familiar yet very special, even mysterious, at the same time. For almost a decade, she has been utilizing this subtle strangeness to indicate a shift in context, bringing attention to that which is not visible, or often overlooked. The processes of making these cloths: weaving them by hand, imbedding imagery within woven structure, or unweaving painted cloth only to weave it back again, are vital to the content and quality of her work.

Andrea’s art is exhibited around the world from New York to Tokyo. She has been selected for numerous grants and awards, including a place in the permanent collection of the North Carolina Museum of Art and is one of three emerging artists in the U.S. to receive the prestigious 2015 Windgate Fellowship Project Grant.

Andrea received her MFA in Fibers, Virginia Commonwealth University and her BAD (Art and Design), and BA (Psychology), North Carolina State University, Summa Cum Laude.

Favorite Artist
ooh, an impossible question.
long-time love: Hiroyuki Shindo.
current fascination: Kehinde Wiley

Favorite US destination
the outer banks of NC, off-peak

Favorite Book One Hundred Years of Solitude
Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Favorite Recipe
Homemade chicken pot pie (but I do use Pillsbury pie crust, there are only so many hours, you know.)

Favorite Weekend Activity
Taking walks around the city with my husband Jordan and our pit-mix Huey, then stopping for lunch at a local coffee shop

Favorite Room in your home
It’s a tiny house, so I’m going to say the studio (not in the house)…which is really where I live anyway. I always wanted a reading room. One day!

New Artist or Author you have discovered
Lala Abaddon, awesome young weaver shaking up the traditional

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