Brush Factory

Cincinnati, Ohio

Brush Factory was founded by Hayes Shanesy and Rosie Kovacs in 2009 in Cincinnati, OH. Their design philosophy is a material focused, “simple is best” methodology combined with a respect for craftsmanship, sustainability, beauty and functionality. “Simplifying the world through good design and handmade products”, Brush factory collaborates with architects, designers and small businesses to make custom furniture and accessories.

Favorite Artist
they range for sure. Classics are Yoji Yamamoto, Ray Eames, Dianna Vreeland.

Favorite US destination
the southwest and southern cali

Favorite Book
Don’t have one. I love biographies. It’s a way to learn about history with a personal connection to someone you admire or find fascinating, for example Anias Nin.

Favorite Recipe
Don’t have one. I experiment almost every night. I more of a ‘dash here and a dash there’ but over the years, I’ve become quite good in the kitchen. Or at least Hayes thinks so.. : ) We both LOVE authentic Indian food.

Favorite Weekend Activity
my dance class

Favorite Room in your home
we recently moved to a place with rooms.. so I don’t know yet. Before that we lived in a bank building and our house was two loft floors without rooms. The whole place had such great vibes.

New Artist or Author you have discovered
Kelly Wearstler, Eric Trine, Sky Ferrera. I like most everything that Moskowitz Gallery does. They are in LA and represent new to mid-career artists.

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