Gregory Powell Textiles

New York, New York

Gregory Powell is a New York City based textile artist. His first explorations with weaving began while studying fiber arts at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Each piece he makes is one of a kind, and hand woven on his restored 1970’s jack style loom.

Favorite Artist
James Turrell

Favorite US destination
New York City

Favorite Book
Auntie Mame

Favorite Recipe
Grilled pizza with brussel sprouts, pancetta and poached egg

Favorite Weekend Activity
Going to Lonelyville Fire Island New. My partner and I have rented a house out there the past two summers. This year I brought one of my looms with me and I sit at my loom facing the ocean and weave for hours at a time.

Favorite Room in your home
My studio

New Artist or Author you have discovered
Jan Kempenaers landscape photography has been ending up on my inspiration board. His images are very inspiring.

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