Iacoli & McAllister

Seattle, Washington

Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister comprise the Seattle based design duo of Iacoli & McAllister, producing unique lighting, furniture, jewelry and objects. Brian, a Seattle native, studied industrial design at the University of Washington and Jamie has a degree in philosophy and had completed coursework in interior and industrial design. Together they explore basic principles of design, line, shape, proportion, texture and material which range from powder coated steel, Corian and natural elements such as oak and brass. Their creations come from a deeply rooted desire to discuss what is beautiful, what is quality, and what defines style…all done with a light-hearted spirit and executed with earnest.

Favorite Artist
I have a ton but off the top of my head I really love Erwin Wurm…he makes these photos where he asks people to interact with a common object; he calls them 5 Minute Sculptures. They speak to me because I find them humorous and I like how quickly they are executed. I’ve also always been drawn to Rachel Whiteread and the plaster casts she did of entire rooms, I mean wow not much else to say but casts of entire rooms! Donald Judd has always been a huge design inspiration for me; I find his pared down aesthetic and the impeccable craftsmanship is super emotive. I’ve recently been overwhelmingly drawn to the work of Maurizio Cattelan. I saw his Guggenheim show in 2011 which was bonkers and I love love love his Toilet Paper publication that he’s been doing with photograher Pierpaolo Ferrari. I like his work because he is something of a prankster so it’s quite irreverent, unexpected, and oftentimes highly sexual in this very “off” way.

Favorite US Destination
New York for all the obvious reason: food, galleries, shopping, the energy, my friends.
Joshua Tree: I’m at home in warm dry climates. I can get hella lizard on some rock formations in that park.
Most any beach: again for all the obvious reasons.
And most recently these weird land formations called mountains in the Pacific Northwest to which my boyfriend and his dog are so kindly introducing my dog and me.

Favorite Book
I’ll be honest, my attention span for reading a book cover to cover has waned in this internet era. It’s sad. I find myself mostly reading Buddhist and Daoist passages written by monks.

Favorite Recipe
I’m into really simple seasonal eating/cooking. So the fewer the ingredients the happy I am generally speaking. Use coconut oil for stovetop cooking, people!

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