John Sheppard

New York, NY

John Sheppard is a New York-based ceramic artist and designer. He began working in ceramics in 2010 as a more hands-on counterpoint to his work as a graphic designer and art director. His work explores the intersection of formal geometry and the natural world, and incorporates and embraces the unpredictability of hand-made work as design details.

Favorite Artist
Cy Twombly, Marilyn Minter, and Andy Goldsworthy are some perennial favorites.

Favorite US destination
My hometown, Austin

Favorite Book
I, Claudius. Nobody could plot and scheme like the Romans.

Favorite Recipe
Ranger cookies (oatmeal, coconut, Rice Krispies)

Favorite Weekend Activity
Wandering Central Park.

Favorite Room in your home
The dining room, with friends around the table for dinner.

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