Ladies and Gentleman Studio

Seattle, WA

Founded by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee in 2010, Ladies & Gentleman Studio’s playful explorations in materiality blend their resourceful curiosity with the desire to find ideal pairings of material and function. The Studio’s open, multidisciplinary approach to design yields an ever evolving set of ideas and experiments fed by inspiration collected from their everyday discoveries and surroundings. From these experiments, L&G creates a diverse set of products from small objects, to furniture and lighting.

Favorite Artist
Jean: Enzo Mari
Dylan: Dieter Rams

Favorite US destination
Jean & Dylan: Astoria, OR (yes, the Goonies!)

Favorite Book
Jean: Haruki Murakami’s Kaffka on the Shore
Dylan: Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse five

Favorite Recipe
Jean: Chinese congee or rice porridge, it’s simple, easy to make, can eat it any time of the day, also you can add pretty much anything and it’s good.
Dylan: Japadogs. They’re hotdogs with all sorts of Japanese toppings like pickled ginger, bonito flakes, daikon oroshi, nori, teriyaki sauce, etc.

Favorite Weekend Activity
If we’re not working on the weekends, we enjoy just simple gatherings with family and/or friends over meals. We also like to get ourselves out of our studio and go on little inspirational field trips outside of Seattle or around town.

Favorite Room in your Home
Our kitchen. We remodeled it few years ago and has an open island with a sitting bar area. It’s open, gets the most light. Pretty much that’s where we do everything from working on our computers, to meetings, to sketching, to quick model making…oh, and of course cooking and eating.

New Artist you have discovered Michael Johansson. He’s like a kid playing with building blocks but on steroids using ordinary everyday found objects, such as suitcases, chairs, tv, appliances, cars, trailers, and even shipping to collectively form a geometric sculptural block. The fascinating part is how he meticulously composes all sorts of perfect cubes by finding all the right pieces, with just the right shapes, colors and theme to complete a puzzle.

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