Linda Palmer

Charleston, SC

“My love of pottery has been life long; my life as a potter is a more recent development.

As full time professional and family responsibilities diminished, the opportunity to study and develop my pottery skills expanded greatly. During the last several years, I have had the privilege of working with and learning from highly skilled and renowned potters most notably: Anne John, Betsey Carter and Doug Blum.

In my work I focus on the art of function. At the outset, each piece is crafted with its purpose in mind. If it is to become a mug, its handle must rest comfortably in the hand; a vase must showcase a flower’s blooms while supporting its stems and a bowl must confidently hold and display its’ contents.

Revealing the beauty of each piece is a challenge that I address early in the process as well. The choice of clay; the manner in which it will be fired; the form itself; along with markings, alterations and glaze techniques can all contribute to this objective. I seek to develop an aesthetic for each piece that appeals to its owner and encourages its use.”
Linda Palmer

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