Lite + Cycle

Los Angeles, CA

Made for a purpose and with earth and social accountability, LITE + CYCLE candles re-define everyday items through beauty, simplicity and sustainability. Creator, Kristi Head, is a packaging designer, artist, conscious product maker and entrepreneur. Her candles are 100% domestically made non-GMO natural vegetable waxes that have no synthetics, petroleum or paraffin. Each candle has highly concentrated 100% essential oils that have been cultivated and extracted without chemicals or pesticides and have been hand poured and hand wrapped. Bergamot for uplifting and enlivening aroma, Lavender for tranquility and peace, and Vetiver for a warm earth aroma to root and ground the mind.

Favorite Artist
Kiki Smith, All that human rawness exposed with unashamed pureness-juxtaposed with nature deeply inspires me.
AND Herbert Matter is my all time favorite designer. Really forward and he made color work with smart bold edits.

Favorite US destination
The best place I have ever been in the US was Maui. It sounds so cliche but I suppose cliches exist for a reason. I could feel the vastness of the universe with all that ocean around me. I like the feeling of being small in the midst of the hugeness of nature.

Favorite Book
Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Or anything by Marquez!

Favorite Recipe
Lentil soup with fresh steamed kale and cherry tomatoes added just a few moments before serving. Slice some salty hard cheese on top and serve with peasant bread for your friends who can eat gluten!

Favorite Weekend Activity
Turning off the computer. Ha! Doing anything that puts me in the freedom zoneā€¦.Nothing beats being on my bike a 198__something red lotus, and finding something new to look at. Since I just moved to LA this is a great challenge. Cars take note.

Favorite Room in your home
Currently my living room. It’s a work in progress-much like me. I love that I can open all the windows and still feel totally private with the waxy ficus leaves keeping me tucked up like I’m in a tree house.

New Artist or Author you have discovered
Simon Heijdens,described recently by Wallpaper Magazine as ” A designer who harnesses the power of nature and translates it via digital media into heart-stoppingly poetic installations..”
I am feverishly in awe of the use of new mediums in the art world. The fusion of “art” with science and technology that is happening today really gets me excited. And anything that dissects nature resonates.

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