Winter Park, FL

“I started MAKR because I wanted to make objects. I was working at an Architecture/Design studio on large corporate projects and grew unhappy with handing off drawings and never seeing a finished product. It was important for me to work on a smaller scale and see to it that every line, every radius was exactly the way I wanted it. In the same firm, I had been patterning for architectural models to be cut on a Laser CNC machine. It helped me understand the transition from 2D flat cuts to 3D objects. This style of patternmaking was the basis for early MAKR products. I have always wanted a company. When I was young I made up these silly skateboard companies but never thought it would be economically viable. MAKR has allowed me to create whatever I want and learn new processes along the way. It feels like school, work, and life all bundled into one thing. I couldn’t be happier.”
Jason Gregory

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