Me Speak Design

North High Shoals, GA

ME is us. Eric and Lori Wright

We made a decision to celebrate only the most important things in life. ME Speak Design is a leap of faith, a marriage of passion and interest.

Lori Wright grew up on fifty-three acres in Conyers, Georgia. Her design inspiration comes from both her father, who is a carpenter and her mother’s Japanese, Hawaiian roots. Lori’s Japanese heritage, travel and her life experiences growing up in the South continue to influence her design aesthetic. Hers is the eye.

Eric Wright is a native of Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up surrounded by his mother’s art and later his father’s pottery. With their guidance he traveled at home and abroad to study, appreciate and create art in different forms. His are the hands.

The need for creative expression helped guide us at a crossroad where one path led to the daily grind and the other to a life fulfilled. Together we communicate our life through ME Speak Design, one hand made piece at a time.

Favorite Artist
Michele Wright, Eric’s Mom

Favorite US destination
Hands down, our Home

Favorite Book
Without a doubt the book we utilize and enjoy the most would have to be Japanese Farm Food by Nancy Singleton Hachisu. We love the combination of story, insight and recipe and find ourselves re-reading the stories over again.

Favorite Recipe
We’re not recipe folks so much as we’ll find inspiration and utilize what we have on hand to create a meal. Inspiration often comes from a single ingredient, cook book, or most often a seasonal or over abundance in the garden. We enjoy fermenting so Sandor Katz book Wild Fermentation is always on hand for reference.

Favorite Weekend Activity
Spending time as a family, whether tending to the garden, playing dominos or swinging on the front porch.

Favorite Room in your home
We have two.
One is our Kitchen which is small but regardless, with out fail, everyone crams in to hang out, cook and drink. When Lori’s mother Jean comes up to visit she eats her meals sitting on the kitchen floor, so we follow suit. There is something grounding about the practice and one that we look forward to with her visits.
The other is our Living Room. When we bought our old farm house there was no visible fireplace in the living room, although we knew it had to be there due to the intact brick chimney on the exterior. The first night we slept in the house we decided to christen our new life with champagne and knocking a hole in the wall where the fireplace should have been, and there it was. Since then we have rebuilt the fire box and enjoy it’s warmth and draw as the center of the house.

New Artist or Author you have discovered
Our latest interest is another husband and wife, Rowland and Chinami Ricketts from Bloomington Indiana. Their work and life with Indigo is remarkable. They have a beautiful symbiotic relationship with the plant: growing, fermenting, and mixing dyes from the Indigo to be used in their woven fabrics and geometric textile installations. We have always been drawn to the color, hues, subtle gradation and heritage indigo dyed materials exhibit and we were surprised when we found a couple so fully engrossed in the process and in the U.S. at that.

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