Miyako Fujiwara

Charleston, SC

Born in Hokkaido, Japan, I was interested in ceramics throughout my youth but did not start my relationship with clay until studying tea ceremony after graduating from college in Tokyo. Later I moved to Boston and gained a wealth of experience in the Harvard Ceramics Program with all varieties of firing: soda, wood, raku, and saggar. In 2010 I moved to Charleston and joined cone 10 studios where I draw upon both Japanese and Western traditions of fine craft making to produce wheel-thrown vessels of practical use in the home as well as more purely artistic hand-built sculptures inspired by natural history and animal architecture. I love pottery because of the magical transformative quality and beauty of clay. Clay is so simple and elemental in its natural state yet offers endless possibilities of creative shape, glaze, and firing. Still inspired by tea ceremony, I just love that atmosphere… quiet, peaceful, serene, slow but beautiful and efficient movement, harmony with nature, sound of the water. Through all my explorations as a ceramicist, I want my work to make people feel happy inside so as to bring peace and pleasant surprises and thoughtfulness into the world!

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