Silvia Song

Berkeley, CA

Born in Saõ Paulo, Brazil and raised in Los Angeles, Silvia Song is a Bay Area artist and designer devoted to discovering forms in function and beauty through simplicity. Her aesthetic is matched by a steady hand, turning chosen timbers into timeless creations. Referring to herself as a “wood potter” she approaches her wooden forms as a ceramists would approach clay with a concentration on form. With a background in architecture, her explorations in woodturning as a means to form-making and study became a meditative exploration in the natural and temporal beauty of wood. Silvia’s pieces embody the spirit of the maker, whether it is the tool mark left on the inside of a vessel form or the hand finishing and sanding of each turned bowl. Her unfinished pieces are meant to naturally patina and amber over time through use and touch. It leaves the mark of the users and adds to the continual history of what was once a beautiful tree.

Favorite Artist
isamu noguchi, dieter rams, enzo mari, maya lin, brancusi

Favorite US destination
point reyes, big sur

Favorite Book
operating manual for spaceship earth – bucky fuller

Favorite Recipe
david chang’s momofuku recipe for naengmyun, a traditional korean cold noodle dish

Favorite Weekend Activity
spending time w my family, climbing, hiking, foraging

Favorite Room in your home
the living room

New Artist or Author you have discovered
mimi jung, ruth kneass, llane alexis

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